About us

Super team that prepares and serves food with character!

What do we do?

SuperCatering is a company with a strong vision and mission to prepare and serve high quality food of excellent flavours in interesting combinations and special arrangements. We serve our partners with love and each obstacle is a challenge for us to become better and better. Where some people give up with the phrase “this is not possible”, the project only begins for us.

Super concept of food and work!

SuperCatering only prepares meals choosing the best ingredients from local suppliers. Our mission is to only use fresh and quality food without artificial flavour enhancers and additives. In the kitchen, we stick to the principle of using food with as little waste as possible (zero waste cuisine). It’s a piece of cake.

Who are the SuperCatering team members?

We are a SUPER, young, but very experienced team, who live and breathe cuisine. We take on every project with a full heart and a smile on our lips. Our projects are carried out by an organised, resourceful and pleasant team, which is always all smiles instead of annoyed about “Murphy's Law” and the landing of toast butter-side down.

Super contacts?

Žiga Merhar


A SUPER director, who inspires hunger with his vision and exceptional sense for cuisine and feeding our hungry mouth.

Saša Vilič

office manager

SUPER girl, who cooks up the wish into an offer and the offer into a great project.

Petra Metelko

assistant office manager

SUPER girl, who cooks up an offer for commercial and film shoots and supports the team.

Maja P. Simončič


SUPER girl, who makes sure you are living and breathing cuisine with us and that our services are presented the right way.

Klemen Grmšek


SUPER chef, who does not only make us eat, but mainly enjoy and newly discover the culinary world.

Miro Makivić

back office manager

SUPER guy, who makes sure our chefs and staff have enough to eat and drink, so no one is hungry while carrying out our SUPER projects.

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